Shay-Renae's Floetry is a mix of the hottest R&B & Neo-Soul vibe and @ times mixed with her Sultry, Informative & Motivating Spoken Word. She will combine her spoken word & song to create a beautiful & at times enticing "Poetry Remixed". Using her everyday experiences in life & her relationship expertise she creates a Masterpiece for this generation to feel & experience. Her voice is like no other & she feels every word spoken. Inspired by the Book of the Song of Solomon she reveals the truth about love. Her mission is to expose what love is despite what your experiences have taught you to believe & deal with real life situations. She uses humor @ times to bring healing. If you have ever heard a piece spoken, or performed by Shay-Renae then your life & love life was "Truly" changed. She thrives on establishing & teaching about "Healthy Relationships" which breeds success. She reveals why we continue in the same cycles throughout life because of our past experiences & how true unconditional love can change any situation for the better. Healthy healed individuals create healthy & healed relationships.

Shay-Renae's floetry