Shay-Renae, is a Motivational and Relationship Gangsta, Radio Host, Actress, Comedian, Entertainer, Poetess, Promoter and Published Author. She has an informative and motivating word for all people with her life coaching and tackling the tough issues we face in our society. Using her everyday experiences in life, her relationship expertise and life coaching skills she creates a Masterpiece for this generation to experience. Shay-Renae keeps faith at the cornerstone of all she does. Her mission is to bring healing to people, being whole with the mind, body and spirit. She is passionate about destiny and people fulfilling their assignment in life. If you have ever heard Shay-Renae then your life and love life was "Truly" changed. She thrives on establishing and teaching about "Healthy Relationships" which breeds success. Healthy healed individuals create healthy and healed relationships of all kinds.

Shay-Renae's floetry